clicking sound comming from wheels when driving on 2002 Ford Explorer

Ikeep hearing a loud clicking noisecomming from my wheels as i am driving. what could this be?

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First check for the obvious see that there is not a small stone or debris caught in the thread of the tire. A loud clicking sound that is rotational could be caused by displaced brake hardware. If your car was front wheel drive and you were hearing the sound on turns I would say the CV joint was bad. If the noise was only heard going over rough roads or during changes in suspension height I would check the shock absorber bushings and sway bar links. It is hard to guess at what would be the cause of the noise with out hearing the noise first hand and being able to drive the car.
hello i have a toyota car when i turn to the right it makes a clicking noise im not sure what it could be i see something i think rubber is broke do you have any clue what it could be? thanks
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Check if the lug nuts are on tight on all wheels, especially the one it sounds like it's coming from. It was not the universal joint and anything to do with shocks, just 4 out of 5 loose lug nuts on my car.
lugs are fine