Clicking or ratteling sound on 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

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When driving my car when i let off the gas i notice a steady clicking sound that seems to follow the tire rotation. I have checked for rocks nails ect. Jacked car up checked for play in hub assembly and cv axel, brake pads are good, no rust on rotor faces, searched for loose peices, cant find anything. It does it going straight, turning left or right, with or without clutch in, in or out of gear. Stops when car stops moving. I greased ball joints and tie rod ends seemed a tad bit better but not much. Sounds like coming from behind dash but cant find anything tuere either and the speedometer is by sensor not cable but thats what the sound reminds me of. Any help would be great
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Tried that too sound still there. Had a friend drive my car past me to try to pin point the exact location of the noise and it just comes out right in the area of the drivers side tire. I was told it could be a bad strut mount so im going to change them out with an aftermarket set i have but i have had bad struts before and dont ever remember a sound like this
Jack up one side at a time, run ut up to about 40 mph and cut off engune to see if you can hear noise.
Nothing from either side i lowered it bk down went for a drive and you hear it. In nuetral when i was hitting the throttle the noise would stop until i let off the throtle then u hear it again same in gear
I thought engine running,, or not made any difference!! Good luck with it hope you figuer it out!!