Clicking Noise deep in Dash on 2006 Nissan Titan

Sometimes when we first turn on the engine there is a clicking noise in the middle of the dash, deep in the dash. Does anyone know what this could be? My dealer mechanics don't know and they want to charge me to tear it down to find out.

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I actually have a question for Harpie3, my Titan is doing the same thing. What did your dealer say it was?
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It may be something in the climate control system, one of the door actuators (motors that control airflow and temperature) may be clicking. Try moving the settings of the climate control and see if you can get the noise to occur consistently.
Your welcome! Good Luck, and please let us know how about your experience with your local dealer by reviewing them in our directory.
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Thank you for your answer. after several hours of search on the internet that is what I have come up with and have made an appointment to have the dealer tear it down.
My dash starting click also, but only in the early morning hours...tried turning the climate control on and off.....turning the Radio off.....engaging the Tow control....all the settings of Heat or Cooling......It's a 2006 with only 77,000 Miles just can't find a patten