2004 Lexus RX330 Q&A

2004 Lexus RX330 Question: Clicking noise

My RX330 has been having a clicking noise from behind the right dash/glove box area. Sounds like a solenoid going on and off. It began while under warranty and the dealer said it's nothing. It's getting quite loud. I wonder what could it be and how do I get access to behinds the dash/glove box to take a look? Thanks in advance for advice. -
Answer 1
That is where the heater blower motor is located. I wonder you remove the cabin air filter and inspect for debris will you find something that has got stuck in the fan blower motor. -
Comment 1
Thanks for your quick response. This will be my weekend project. Now I need to figure out how to get to the cabin air filter. -
Answer 2
My RX has exactly the same problem, I will also inspect the cabin air filter, will post if I find something -
Answer 3
One mechanic told me at was the Climate Servo. I am checking it out. -
Comment 1
Just had this replaced. Notes on my dealership invoice says "servo motor sticking internal mechanical short" Invoice says part was $130, but it was covered under my extended warranty. -
Answer 4
The dealer lied. Just had this fixed for $500 my cost; actual cost of 700 but had them call Toyota and offered a discount. It is the a heating/AC valve and it gets worse when warm weather. Learned from another dealer Toyota is have huge amounts of problems with this clicking valve problem. Suggest having your dealer push Toyota into a no-cost replacement. -
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