cliamte control on 1993 Volvo 850

hi i hve a 850 mod 1993 the climate control led snooze when i start my car for 2 min , when i turn on the AC the compressor start and stop many time , can some one help me

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The A/C system is likely low on refrigerant, which means there is probably a leak in the system. The evaporator is a common place to find a leak on this car, and unfortunately it's a very expensive repair, 8 hours labor +parts, so over $1,000 (if that's the problem). Many people just add refrigerant and it will last for a few months, enough to get you through the summer.
If the lights on the controller are flashing, then you have another issue and it would need to be checked out.
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Try shimming the compressor with a bread bag clip. Look it up on line first to get the particulars.