clear fluid leak and oil leak could be transmission and oil pan but fluids are fine. on 1996 Geo Prizm

leak under hood looks like clear fluid, all fluids checked and ok. Was told I need a transmission seal which will take 6 hours to repair.

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If the transmission seal you were told needs replacing was the front seal of the transmission, the transmission needs to be removed to replace the seal. If it is in fact being replaced make sure the crankshaft seal is replaced to prevent another possible leak. These oils would be redish brown or brownish black in color.
THANK you so much for your response. Actually the fluid is more clear than red or brown. I am supposed to get another estimate tomorrow. I was wondering if there is some kind of fluid seal gel or something that will hold me for 8 months until I get some Christmas money to repair it with.
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clear fluid is usually brake or power steering
thank you so much, I appreciate your reply.