Clear coat is coming off.I was quoted $1000 to fix. Is that
expensive? on 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

The clear coat is eroding on roof, trunk, and sides.

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Maaco will paint the whole car for less than $300.00! I've seen some of their work from the Roanoke shop, did a good job and i'm pickey!! Also the Danville shop does good work!
Thank you. I thought might be high for an older car.
Actually that's about right for a regular body shop! A friend had a Chevy Lumina painted (burgundy, base+clear) at the Roanoke shop and i swear it really looks good!! I don't see how they can paint one for that but they do. If ya'll aint got a Maaco shop in Norfolk, might be worth the trip to either Danville or Roanoke! BTW, there is no body work included in that price, good paint job only! Dents cost extra!
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your asking a wrong question. think about it this way, you can get a watch for probably ten bucks, a rolex is going to cost you a lot more. what you need to find out, is the type of clear coat being used, the product, compare apples to apples, not a quality product to some cheap won't last long product.
if you get three quotes, using the same product, then go with the company that you liked the most, as long as their price is in the ball park of the lowest quote.
Thing is the cheap watch will keep time just as good!!! I have inspected these paint jobs and thay are spot on! One is 3 years old now, looks just fine! That said, it's not the same '25 coat' 4k dollar job one would want on a antique Vette either but for the money, pretty darn good work!