Cleaning clutch on 2003 Volkswagen GTI

Ok do here goes a dumb costly mistake. I have a 03 gti 5 spd. Just bought the car and accidentally poured transmission oil in what apparently was the fly wheel access cap on top of the transmission. Now my clutch is slipping when the turbo kicks in at high rpm. Is there anyway to clean it with out removing the whole transmission or replacing the clutch. Car has 130k on it and have had no issues with the clutch slipping prior to my mistake and flywheel is good and shifts fine. Was thinking about spraying break cleaner in the same spot I put the fluid in to help clean it out

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agree with pushrod. the cleanser is an old trick that works
Greg, ever heard of using Ajax to seat piston rings? I think years back that was the fix for some of the new Chrysler cars that were smoking. Techs. would take car around back, cank up the rpm and dump a can right down the carb! Never seen it done but i bet the tailpipe was running white for awhile! But you know, it prob. worked.
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Good idea but do this with the clutch depressed and turn engine but dont start. Compressed air will be a big help too. Also IF needed, i had to do this years ago, (this actually happened on a old Rabbit but was oil) sprinkle Ajax, not a bunch, onto clutch disc again with clutch depressed and turning eng. Try just cleaning it first! (Dont try to fix what aint broke!) That what i told the Rabbit owner too.
So just turn the car over dont let it run? Can I add water and just rinse it out. With Ajax
Do the brake cleaner thing first, then if nessessary the Ajax deal, don't flush with water, leave it in there wont hurt anything. Will help dry oil and improve grip on clutch dish and plate. Does not take that much, can add as needed.
Now u mean Ajax as in dish soap right
Nope the old fashion gritty stuff in the round can, powder type! AFTER CLEANING WITH BRAKE CLEANER 'IF' NEEDED!
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