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Dodge Grand Caravan Odor from HVAC vents

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Some vehicles may develop a musty odor coming from the HVAC system, Dodge has issued a cleaner/disinfectant and a coating for the evaporator designed to inhibit bacterial growth.

Same problem, with musty odor, smells like urine when AC is first turned on. Just started this summer 2011. Where is the AC exit pipe??? "REPLACE THE EXIT PIPE AND PUT A SILICON TO DRAIN THE WATER OUT SIDE THE CAR" post a picture please -
We started noticing a musty smell coming from our vents. The smell is only present when the vents are on. It is horrible. We took the van to the dealership where we always have it serviced. They want $110 just to see where the problem is. I am not the only one who has this problem, they need to recall the parts that are causing this problem and fix it. I will never buy dodge again. Way to many problems!!!!!! And they fight tooth and nail not to fix their own poorly engineered vehicles!!!! -
Musty smell whenever the A/C units starts and from the drivers door when the window is opened. -
moldy, musty, un-removable odor -
did not fix it as of yet. but now I know what it is. -
Musty smell coming out of the vents when A/C or heat is turned on. -
Changed cabin filter and used shop vac to suck out vents helped out alot -
We have a 2005 Grand Caravan SE. A musty odor comes out of the air vents when the AC is on. Noticed it start over the last month. Appears that there is no cabin filter so looking for a solution to eliminate the odor. -
Every time we get into the van my husband starts sneezing. He has said for years that the vents blow moldy smells. -
Not fixed yet - but was advised that it's a mold issue and there is a spray you can purchase at an auto parts store and it stops the mold and keeps it from coming back. -
ordor happened right after restart operate air conditioner, never fixed, it will all right after running 20 minutes. -
Musky Odor when air condition starts blowing again now after it been taking apart and thought was fix? Costly for sure. Help, help From Harold F. -
A/C smells musty, esp. when turning corners. -
no solution as yet -
foul smell coming from air vents -
muskey odor when air condition starts blowing -
present for years. cooling system flushed multiple times. odor still present when ac is turned on -
Smeely AC/ AC not running correclt and sometimes shuts off. Unfortunately I bought the van used and when I bought it I noticed the bad small (almost thought it had been flooded previously). I trusted the dealership (MISTAKE#1) it was a "certified" preowned car. I call it my certified POS. Oh well. I was told to give it time that the AC needed to run a little from sitting maybe and it wopuld get better. It had several other AC concerns and today I am having to go pick it up from the dealership AGAIN for the 3rd time in 3 months. It hasnt been working right since I bought it but they think they are doing a greta job just charging me the 100 deductibale from the warranty I paid for- thats BS!!! I bought the van with issues and they should correct them withjout charging me! I feel like telling them take their car and shove it -
Musty smell coming from vents when fan is on with climate control to heat. Not fixed -