Odor from HVAC vents on Dodge Charger

Some vehicles may develop a musty odor coming from the HVAC system, Dodge has issued a cleaner/disinfectant and a coating for the evaporator designed to inhibit bacterial growth.

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Average mileage: 50,501 (11,140–138,265)
8 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
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problem details
When I start up my Charger I swear I feel like she has been started up in the middle of a Hog Farm!! What can I do to rid my Charger from the terrible smell that is blowing from the A/C. I get nervous when people walk up to my car in fear that they can smell the ordor from my cabin! YUCK! Sincerely, Hog Farmer NOT!
I've got the same old musty smell when just using the ventilation fan. I have to turn on the a/c to get rid of the smell. I have a 2006 Charger with 126,000 miles and never had this problem. I guess I will see what the dealer can do.
2013 Dodge Charger 23,456 mi,
Smells like a hog farm.
I've had it cleaned a couple times and now it's back.
2009 Dodge Charger 24,500 mi,
moldy odor from the a/c
2006 Dodge Charger 64,000 mi,
Odor from A/C....very odd!
First, this vehicle was purchased brand new from the dealer. A month after purchasing we started having A/C problems. The first time the dealer replaced A/C lines behind the dash and this is when the issue started with the smell in the A/C system. The only reason we purchased a Dodge was because in 2008 they were offering a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the complete drive train. Only wish they had a WARRANTY on the A/C also because this has been a nightmare. The dealer has since changed the same FREON lines behind the dash at a cost to me of around $1500 a lick each time three different times. This is obviously some type of defect either in the design or workmanship. In 2015 the A/C went out again and I brought to a local mechanic who was recommended and he said the Compressor had gone out. Understandable, the vehicle is 7 years old now. The vehicle only has 90,000 miles on it and it is my wife's car and she take excellent care of it. A/C repaired and working great. Guess what, 2016 rolls around get ready to turn the A/C on and its not cooling so I take it back to the mechanic who did the repairs and I stayed while he checked the entire system. He was very proficient checking with a FREON detector below the hood, under the car and anywhere he possibly could. When he stuck the probe into the A/C ducts on either side and ran them into the middle of the vehicle he found that the same FREON lines are leaking again that have cost me over $1500 on three different occasions to be repaired at the dealer. I mean come on REALLY!!!!! My mechanic recommended just charging it back up due to the cost of repairing however it is leaking down and the smell is TERRIBLE!! Lifetime warranty or not I think I have had it with DODGE. The car still only has 94,00 miles and is only 8 years old. Great moneymaker there CHRYSLER/DODGE thanks for keeping the local dealers in business with junky cars. Sad thing is my wife bought a DODGE JOURNEY at the end of 2015 and guess what its a lemon also. only 15,00 miles and the tries are shot. Cannot keep all four wheels aligned, parts keep falling off inside. Guess we were suckers again. Not for long both vehicle will soon be up for sale. Sad thing is I am a Christian and hate to sell to an unsuspected buyer but what do you do when you have over $40,000 invested in two vehicles and they are bleeding you dry.
2013 Dodge Charger 12,000 mi,
Smells the worst when it has sat all night The dealership just acts like I'm crazy
2013 Dodge Charger 67,000 mi,
I have this problem. When my air comes on i get this odor. I changed out the cabin filter periodically but that doesn't seem to work.
2007 Dodge Charger 100,000 mi,
Mine only smells when the heater is on. A/C is fine. It smells more like dead mouse to me, but the garage told me I'd have to go to a body shop and have it torn apart to find it or to check the filter inside the engine compartment (which mine is not equipped with). Guess I'll take mine in for the recall I received a card for in the mail and ask the mechanic at the dealership to look.
2013 Dodge Charger 20,600 mi,
Horrible smell coming from ac...I been to the dealer at least 5 times for this problem...each time they try something different but the smell continues to come back...I'm really getting p***ed off...I purchased this vehicle new and I'm having more problems with it than my old vehicle!
2010 Dodge Charger 45,000 mi,
odor went I turn on the ac
2007 Dodge Charger 115,000 mi,
HVAC musty smell when kicking on the AC- contacting the dealer tomorow morning.
2006 Dodge Charger 34,565 mi,
Very bad smell, I thought till this day that it was my work boots I leave in trunk. But now I know that's not the case.
2013 Dodge Charger 11,140 mi,
We have 8 of them in our fleet. Most have this problem. The vehicles have been in service since July 2013.
2009 Dodge Charger 46,000 mi,
i thought some it was from water seeping in at top on windshieled. it was fixed, that was some of the problems but still have the smell.odor/
2006 Dodge Charger 30,000 mi,
Smell of horse manure whenever activating heater or ac
2008 Dodge Charger 115,000 mi,
Have a "moldy" odor from the HVAC vents. Took the car to the dealer who used some sort of disinfectant spray ... charged me $85 ... took care of the problem for about a month ... odor is back. I have had limited success with Lysol sprayed into the air intake (take the filter out first). I understand that the problem may come from a blocked drainage hose in the air box ... which I can (yet) find.
2007 Dodge Charger 29,000 mi,
my car has the same problem it smells moldy i actually ha d my ex ask me if i had a cat in my car becouse it has a faul odor.. i guesd i need to go check that out.