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Chrysler Town & Country Odor from HVAC vents

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Some vehicles may develop a musty odor coming from the HVAC system, Dodge has issued a cleaner/disinfectant and a coating for the evaporator designed to inhibit bacterial growth.

Terrible musty odor coming from the Defrost vents. Thought it was wet blanket in the back from the beach, or floor mats. Cleaned and shampood them, no change. When I turn the air on it blasts the smell in your face. Where do I get the cleaner/disinfectant, and where do I spray it to get it into the system. -
A weird smell every time I turn on the vents -
Musty odor inside vehicle -
Musty Odor in AC System -
We've got a musty/mildewy smell when the air con is on. Was going to replace the cabin filter but wasn't sure if that would fix it or not. -
Bad oder coming from hvac system. -
Musty smell coming from ac unit -
Crank up car, turn on AC, blowers start blowing, yucky smell start coming out of the AC vents... -
a musty odor coming from the HVAC system, -
Moldy/Mildew smell coming from HVAC system immediately upon start-up. Seems to happen in warmer temps (A/C?) although it has happened at times in the winter. Doesn't seem to smell in very frigid temps. Dealer can't "replicate" the problem so I'm going back and forth with them to do something without me having to take it in again when the problem is detected. -
Order coming from vents whenever we turn on the defrost/air. Just stinks! -
Odor from a/c -
Nasty AC smell. Shop used the evaporator coating and it worked for awhile, but the smell returned. -
Horrible odor in vents actually makes me sick to my stomach. You buy a new car only to have to deal with issues after issues unreal. NEVER buy a dodge. Worst mistake i ever made. Hate it!!!!! -
Same problem when I turn blower on hot or cold -
musty odor coming from air vents, when air , defroster or heat turned on -
have been experiencing musty odor from a/c and heater when first turned on and have not had it fixed as it is not under warrenty. Where do I get the cleaner/ disinfectant and coating for the evaporater to help fix the problem? -
Urine smell when vent ot ac is on -
Suddenly a strange smell started coming out of our /ac -
We have a smelly, nasty poopy baby diaper smell coming out of our a/c vents when we turn them on. Need a fix. -
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