ck engile light came on on 2003 Ford Explorer

my check engine light came on while i was driving and began to flash them it went off I got home hook the scaner up to it gave me two codes p0305 and p0316. after I got hone I replace the plugs and wires. erease the codes they came back look on the internet and it said the coil pack replaced that and the codes still came back any suggestions?

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You need some one with an "OBDII" code reader to tell you what the problem is.
it said it was the camshaft position sensor . now I am trying to find where that is at on the motor
Are you sure it wasn't the CRANK shaft possion sensor?
hook to the scan at work today the code was p0316 which is link to the cps
That would be the crank pos. sensor. Ask your local parts store, they should be able to look it up on their computer or in a book.