Civic sedan 1.7 on 2002 Honda Civic

Installed new timing componets (all) along with front eng. mount. Customer
says now has a vibe @ idle but runs great! Looked at other mounts look ok.
It does vibrate very little but cant say it was not there before the work. In gear
holding brk. with throttle engine doesn't move in drive or rev. like another mount is bad. 377,000 mi. In drive it is better than rev. I want to blame a mtr. mount but just don't see it. Any ideas.

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with 377k miles on car i would repl anyway
Thanks, i agree and could see it if i had just let engine hang but i used eng. support.
But i say the customer in this case is wrong!
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possibly cracked but cannot see mount
Thanks, i think customer is looking for something for nothing.
It happens.
Which vibration is worse- sitting in car as described or putting your hand on the air cleaner? If the answer is when sitting in car , then it's either normal for age/condition , or a mount which may not be broke , but may have shifted position and causing more 'feedback' then before. OR the vibration has been there forever and now that the engine is maybe running better , the vibration is more noticable. Kinda like when you rotate crap tires to the front and 'all of a sudden- since you worked on it' the steering wheel vibrates at 55- You know?

Thanks, that is about what i thought. Thought i might be off a tooth but it runs to good, great considering the mileage.
Think i will tell this female there it is. Drive on.
Thanks to all!

HEY!! thanks for replying to our replies......especially that last idiots........never mind:)
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