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has 337,000 miles, recent replacement of radiator, cooling fan and lower engine gasket and oil and filter. noticed it after gasket replacement.
Rear sliding door locks will not work with key fob or button on mirror. Will only lock or unlock manually. Once unlocked, the doors will open with remote.
You can hear the lock trying to unlock but nothing happens. You can't open it manually. It is locked tight. All the other doors open and close just fine. We have tried to pull up the lock but it will not unlock. Any s...
Mechanic suggests rack and pinion replacement--$850--as only fix. Are there other options? Any reason not to just check the power steering fluid level regularly?
When we hit the button it starts closing but just as its almost closed it bounces back like if you put your hand in an elevator door. It doesnt always do that. It happens about half the time. Very annoying
Can't find fuse panel for the research of these pls help if you've experienced this problem am sure it's a fuse, can't figure which one
L/r turn indicator, can't find fuse or what it's tied into help please
This is a manual seat. It will recline when latch is released but will not fold forward.