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The clunk sound comes from the right side just under the dash board and gets loud when going over bumps. Van does not bounce so wondering if broken shock/strut or could be bushings?
This has been driving me crazy for years, but lately its getting worse, truck starts perfect, idles perfect, turn on my AC and its a whole new MONSTER, pulses, jerks, shakes, as soon as I start to drive the truck, onc...
The turn signal flashes very fast, is there something else I should try?
After this happens all mileage lights and the Park, Drive, etc. flicker for another few miles, then back to normal. Happens randomly during all drives but ALWAYS during 1st mile now. Started at 122K miles and nobody ...
door jaar light is on and buzzer goes of only when driver door is open
Ran fine when parked. Never had any problems before it got very cold. New battery 6 months ago.
The engine in my Van has a harmonic rattle-type sound that pulses, someone told me it sounds like the belt tensioner. I would like to try to replace it myself if possible/
I was driving, listening to the radio, when I heard and smelled something fry and now the radio is out completely, the power door locks don't work unless the key is at least in the accessory position. The interior lig...
When I open the tail gate with the remote key, sometimes it will come back down.
checked belts alternator. Could it be the idler pulley? Only makes noise when rpm is below 1200 rpm. Any suggetions?
key off stays on till battery dead
This week computer numbers have continually dropped even after being reset and driving normally. Normal hi-way mileage is 28-31mpg; now is only 10-11 mpg, yet fuel consumption on hi-way is still healthy. Vehicle is ...
Heater takes a very long time to heat the temp gauge stays in the middle never over heat. Drive for 20 min heat starts to work somewhat have it all the way up but only comes out Luke warm then it stops blowing warm ai...
engine warms up to normal operating temp not overheating. Just blowing cold when stopped then as u start to accelerate warm air blows out