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my car make this clunky ,tumbly noise when i go in the holes or turn corners,,,do i have to change struts or just struts mounts?thanks
There appears to be a knocking noise coming from the altenator. it seems to increase when the clutch in the altenator engages. the battery is low, but the test at auto shows the altenator woking
Anyone have trouble getting the top bolt out of the starter? If so any ideas would be helpful. Spent the day on one bolt. Hoping I am just missing something.
a few days ago I had the heater blower motor replaced Front and now the check engine light came on- do you think there is a leak somewher which caused the blower motor to die and now check engine light is on now due ...
My check engine light keeps coming on and then randomly off. don't know why - a few days ago I had blower motor fan fixed and struts and bushings done - is this related, what do i do
i dont have any heat in my car
Just bought used T&C with 82000 miles and runs fine except when fueling up and then pull away from fuel station and make a turn and then the engine stumbles and dies. Starts right back up and runs fine from then on.
The van has a popping noise and thought converter was bad, but had it checked and said that computer read misfirings in engine including #4 cylinder.
Changed plugs & wires! And it still idles really rough! You can still drive, but when driving and giving gas if you let the "rpm" get up to 3000, it starts jerking, jumping like craaazy! We've had different shops look...
just replaced alternater car will not start is this because of the antiteft?
New batterie installed yesterday. Drove vehicle for 3 hours yesterday. This am batterie is again fully empty.
when having my car serviced they found a right axle leak