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I am inheriting a 2005 Town and Country. It will drive in reverse, but not drive in any forward gear. Transmission fluid is clean and clear. I was told it could either be the servo that plugs into the transmission OR a torque converter. Any ideas on where to start with repairs?

Any help would be appreciated. ..

Second question. Door locks in sliders don't work when I use the unlock switch on the drivers door

the inside power door locks stopped working. the remote sounds but does not open or close locks

my Heat is not working and it blows some from the back, not much now all last winter I had to run the car for 30 minutes to get some heat


After 20-30 minutes of driving the cruise just shut down and will not operate again till the van has been turned off and time has cooled the engine down. Then the cruise is good as always till it get hot and it will shut off again. What is my best plan for solution to this problem. Thanks in advance for any help I receive.

I had a new oil pan put on, had under the motor checked for any drips. Its a 3.8 engine.

Plugs R New was told it could B the coils or coil box, but all are working fine. This is R only car & I really need this fixed. Could there B a tear in the coil plug wire??? Help us!!!

If they replaced the HVAC Control Head and still the problem exist.