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I installed a new JVC stereo using a wiring harness. The power comes on, the CD plays, but there is no sound. If I uncouple the harness and then plug in the OEM stereo and let it turn on and play that CD you can hear ...
I have 2004 chrysler town & country and my Idle air control system RPM is higher than expected and i would really like some advice on how i would be able to fix it myself?
airbag light on all the time. WON'T PASS INSPECTION! Diagnostic test only says "stored energy firing 1". No diagnostic code shows up. Need to fix this!
No noise made when turning key other than a 'click' or two. Engine does not crank. Charged the battery- 12.5V, still no crank or start (all day, overnight & next morn’). Mechanic came to house 4mos ago in Marion Coun...
has fluid. not going into overdrive
The blower speed fluctuates while it is running. Sometimes it doesn't come on at all.
when you turn on the a/c knob nothing happens
coolant level is fine...does not do it all the time
Speedometer, fuel gauge etc move all over the place while engine runs smoothly?
Vehicle hesitates while idling and when I accelerate from the stop position. Once I get going at higher rate of speed it stops. I have read that it could be anything from a dirty air filter to a dirty fuel filter. I d...
did a front brake job on my 04 town and country, bought auto zone life time warranty pads took off rotors had them turned, the shop said they had enough on them. cleaned all new parts with brake clean, reinstalled. t...