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Had diagnostic done and they said replace PCM and reflash computer.
run scan came up 301 misfire number 1 cylinder checked plug wire
I have a 2003 town country on and after a few minutes turns off start only after several attempts the panel has power and lights
I can fill the gas tank up and drive about 80 miles the gas hand goes down till I stop driving and cut the vehicle and start it back up the gas hand goes all the way back to full
Van parked for 2 days-very humid weather. No issues before this. Speedometer goes to 0 and then back to normal. Shift indication goes from highlighting D to all. Transaxle shifts up and down abruptly and RMPs jump the...
A leaking transmission was discovered and the fluid was low. The vehicle surged when downshifting while breaking at or above 45 mph. The solenoid gasket and the transmission pan gasket have been replaced. New fluid ha...
The check engine light has been on and I took it to a local Chrysler dealership. The report says "retrieved code 0740 Torque Convertor Clutch out of range". The recommendation was to replace the transmission to the tu...
Shudder occurs when torque locks
It has a 3.3L engine. The check engine light is on and they say it is the sensor.
while driving my van stalled , wouldnt start. started next day,i put in gear it went 5 yards then stalled out. i had towed to shop, where he started it right up,ran for 3 min then stalled out. i went home, where he ca...
This doesn't happen every time I try to satart it, but it seems to be happening more often. It will eventually start.
While backing up in reverse, there is noticable transmission slippage. Very noticeable when backing up a slight incline. Got 93K miles. Does it need filter and oil change? What is best oil to use and how do you dra...
radiator is less than a year old seems to be worse after short trips
He said the hose needed to have silicon around it please help he never came back
the housing is exposed,but cannot get it to open!