2002 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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Our check engine won't come on anymore. How can we get it to come on? Is there a fuse or bulb? Thank you for your suggestions

How do I get my check engine light to come on again?

i have gas coming out of my exhaust and it is leaking from somewhere and running down to the converter where it is dripping from also.ive been told 4 different things and would really just like to know how do i fix this? and is it true my van could catch fire if i were to drive it this way?

A few weeks ago we took our van in because the brakes were going to the floor. They replaced the master cylinder, pads, and roters. It worked for about a day and then started doing the same thing. The Mechanic took it back and replaced the master cylinder again and bled the brakes a few times. We got it back and it was working but did not seem to be as tight as you would think they should be after all the work. Now a few days later the brakes are going all the way to the floor again and there is a terrible burning smell. What could be the problem and how should we handle it.

Front end shakes back and forth when i drive it .

I need to recalibrate the computer in my engine

My 2002 Chrysler town and country will not shift into overdrive. The engine will rev and the RPMs will get higher, but it will not shift.

the sound is there sometimes and not at others. It doesn't make the whirring noise when the car is in neutral and I rev the engine...only when it is in gear.

I put in 2 high end lights and now only my right light works or just my left when on high beems. Was told by the Chrysler dealer that I need two electrical power modules - cost $505 per module - plus labour. Any ideas on how to fix this without spending $1,200?

please give me some prices for replaceing gas tank and feul lines

Does anyone know if you can replace the cap chairs in 2nd row w/ bench seat. We just found out we are expecting and I don't want to give up my T&C if I don't have to

When I put on my blinker or hazards my instrument panel goes out which includes: fuel, temp, spedometer, tach gauges as well as the gear selector, odometer, door ajar, seat belt, air bag, low oil, high beam and the other cluster of light indicators. The back light stays on but the rest of them are out. All exterior running and head lamps are on as well as the brake lights. When the gauges are on as soon as I turn on my blinker all the gagues go dead. Occasionally the complete dash of gauges and lights will then reset as though it were on start up mode and then work until the next time the turn or hazard is triggered. The blinkers never do work after it wipes out all of the other lights and gauges. If all is out then even when I just turn the key to the on position and do not start the vehicle the "dummy" lights do not come on. I have removed all of the bulbs from the blinkers to try to isolate which one was the culpret but this still did not do anything. I am wondering where the fuse or relay is for the panel of where the panel gets its power from?

problem happens when heat is activated.

The alarm goes off when I am in the vehicle after a few minutes between getting in and starting the car. The dealer states the alarm is an aftermarket part and they cannot fix it. I find it was a standard feature of the van. What do I do to fix it or disarm the alarm. The button that lights up is completely broken off.

when I turn the wheel left or right, still or moving it moans. It's not difficult to turn, I'm not losing power, however it doesn't make any noise when I turn at a quicker speed, or when I turn the wheel REEEEAAAAAAly slowly. The car seems to have been sitting for a while, but unsure.