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every time we turn the wheel, sitting still or driving.
When I start in the morning the tank collapses. And it runs real rough and misses. why?
There is an abs sensor out & the red brake light is on as well as the yellow abs light...is this normal? On previous vans i've had the abs light was on but never the brake light!!!
I have a new brain for a 2002 Chrysler Town & Country LMT and need any tips on installing it please.
The dampener wont change position as far as changing where the air flow is coming from outside/recirculate. The front fans wont come on and the fan will still blow in the back but only on high.
my cousin blew the engine in her van due to lack of oil how much would a replacement engine cost in a 2002 town and country
We replace the A/c compressor, expansion valve and condenser/dryer. Now the temperature is not cold enough even though we have the correct amount of freon/oil. What else can be wrong. Thank you.
PO601 code Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum error code keeps coming up. What is involved in this code and how expensive is it to get it fixed?
I've been experiencing hesitancy at low speeds, especially when I begin to accelerate. At times the engine will sputter and cut off. I experience no hesitancy at high speeds. I have about 90,000 miles on the car. My ...
replace air filter, flush cooling system and put in new anti freeze
after driving a short distance it says service tire system soon see owners manual
I have replaced the firing eletrical harness and all plugs and plug wires. I now have steady 13 volts at my number 6 injector. I ohmed the injector out and read 14 ohms. What should be the restance on my number 6 i...
wipers go from intermittent to medium . They will not shut even with the ignition turned off. Must pull relay . Fuse does nothing. Keeps on running till relay pulled There are 2 relays with same numbewr. Either one wi...
My front windshield wipers don't turn off, even when the key is out of the ignition. I removed the circuit breaker and they went off, but I am looking for a more suitable alternative.
The power window on the driver's side stopped working but all the other windows are working. Can this be a fuse or is there a way that I can tell if it is the window motor? What could be some other problems why it wi...