i have put a new filter and fluid and a new output sensor in it wat else can i do

I haven't been able to open either sliding door in forever. I tried taking out and replacing the fuse. I tried the trick in the manual for supposedly getting them to unlock. You can't manually lift the locking mechanism from inside the doors either. Can't open those doors and neither window will go up or down. It can't get real uncomfortable quick considering I need to fix the AC as well now. Anyone have any ideas?

still just clicks when turned over starter relay seems ok

Also i have replaced all of the fuses

is the wiring harness in the door the most likely cause, and is it fairly easy to replace myself. are there instructions available to assist with this repair.

I replaced plugs, wires and coil pack. I also replaced the Tps. Because it would die after start up. but now it will idle if the tps is didconnected

The rear windows also don't seem to be responding.

Jump, jerk shift up, down then go into 2nd and rest of gears until stop then all repeats on take off. 185k miles shifts fine when cold .Cel is on .

Van act like its going to cut off but don't while pushing on the gas at about 40mph and speedometer spins all the way around continuely. New alternator, battery, starter, radiator, new motor. Dont understand what could be the problem. Check engine light is on, and it been on since the old motor went out. Everything else works inside the veh.Problem happens everytime it driven.

living in south la.i need the blower motor to work everytime and now the problem is compounded with the blend door acuator stuck on hot please somebody respond desperate thanks

drivers air not cold like passengers air

where is it? and how do i change it?

I stopped and put car in park. When I was ready to go I tried to put it in gear and it wouldn't go.
This is the first time this has happened

I have noticed that when I go through the mountains the next day I have trans fluid on the top of the trans case. Mechanic said no leak on the bottom, could be from lose dip stick. The transmissions shifts fine and seems to be working fine otherwise.

Knocking noise is not the motor the knocking get no worse when van is given gas its coming from the area of the belt any ideas on what it is or how to fix would be appreciated.