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I just replaced the fuel pump and filter on a 2002 Town & Country. Now when I run the vehicle, the fuel tank collapses itself (imploding) with negative pressure. I don’t think that’s right and if not what could be t...
And my ac in the front isn't blowing good. Ant use @ all & 1 of my windows wont go up.
leaking coolant, hoses are in braided covering
I go out in the morning and there is a loud noise coming from the van when I start it up...had to be somewhere so I leave..rolling the window down I hear the noise slow down when I hit the break and speed up when I ac...
So I filled up the radiator didn't put the cap on the whole way. Drive home didn't over heat or anything. Few hours later came out and it won't start then I discovered my mistake. After some playing around it started!...
it runs good for 10-15 minutes dies wont start till engine cools down 1-2 hours it starts up run for 10-15 more same thing thought it was fuel pump replaced doing same thing any ideas
i have put a new filter and fluid and a new output sensor in it wat else can i do
I haven't been able to open either sliding door in forever. I tried taking out and replacing the fuse. I tried the trick in the manual for supposedly getting them to unlock. You can't manually lift the locking mech...
still just clicks when turned over starter relay seems ok
is the wiring harness in the door the most likely cause, and is it fairly easy to replace myself. are there instructions available to assist with this repair.
I replaced plugs, wires and coil pack. I also replaced the Tps. Because it would die after start up. but now it will idle if the tps is didconnected