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my town and country (2001) suddenly turned off while driving and would not turn on anymore... Changed the fuel pump and filter and nothing my mechanic said there is no juice getting to the injectors and it might be th...
Trouble Code P1391 Vehicle stalls when ever it wants wait awhile and it will start
left one come on, when I put on the brights the right side come only on
The Van should Auto Lock all Doors when it hits 1? MPH They don't do that, Also Rear and Console Buttons will not open Side Doors the remote will?
Chysler T&C Limited 3.8L: speedometer spins wildly 50% of time; In D will not shift from 2 to 3 gear; very poor gas mileage; P0605 error but engine light not on. I've been told it needs a new PCM/ECM and that it need...
when I put the van in gear, the speedometer goes crazy
Added r14 right away the gauge flew to red and blows hotter air
Side door rear buttons no longer work to close doors. Doors close using key remote.