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We replaced the engine in my E350 Ford van. It idles great, but as soon as we step on the gas, the engine dies. No sensor lights come on. It just dies. I was told if the check engine light doesn't come on, the handhel...
At this point there are no major mechanical issues. However, the electric hatch doesn't beep when it opens and the two back slide doors need a new motor. All the electric windows work fine. Great car with 55,000 gentl...
I changed thermostat check the hoses clean the heater core and the coolant is all up to date but still blowing cold air can u tell me anything else i can do?
i need to know how many hours it takes to fix a valve cover gasket in my van and how much it will cost me?
turn signials out gas gage out dash lights out
Added r14 right away the gauge flew to red and blows hotter air
Every time I crank it up it shut down.. What could be the problem..I got plenty of gas ..
I have a 2000 chrysler town and country van. it is a good driving van.i paid cash for and i have had it for almost 3yrs.But when ever i stop it will cut off .but it will crank back up ever time.
need to know where they are so i can change them have already got them
3.3 litre engine will not start on a cold day . on a warm day starts right up sounds like its out of time backfires and smells of gas.getting code that says catalyst below efficiency bank 1 ...fuel pressure show 60psi...
I changed the lower intake , upper intake and valve cover gaskets. Also changed the plugs and plug wires along with the thermostat and hoses and water pump. Now when I crank it is hard to start and runs rough. Also i...