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My dashboard lights want work when it do crank I can ride but when I cut off it want crank again
My manual sliding driver door got slammed shut and now it wont open from inside or outside. Is there something I can do to fix it without taking it to a shop?
Will not start. Diagnostic test is recommended.
we are having trouble with our transmission jumping gears say from park to reverse and from first to third we were told from a mechanic it was probably the automatic transmission control cylinoid we bought new repalac...
my 2000 town and country has a old NON digital thermometer. I hear a noise under the dash that sounds like the vents(that control defrost, feet, direct vents) are opening and closing. it happens every 6-10 seconds?
My transmission went completely out and I want to know if a '97 transmission will replace it.
We have always had this issue with this van. Bought with 48,000 mils and now have over 160,000 miles. The car will slightly surge/slow during driving steady at one speed. More noticable with the cruise on. You can see...