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I have just bought my third new battery and the light is still on when I start the van. I am afraid it will drain this battery too.
I changed my transmission fluid and replaced the transmission computer module, However, the check engine light is still on. The rpm's are very high for the speed one is driving and remain the same when shifting down t...
I changed the fuel pump (one from auto salvage) worked great for about two months. Now before I replace it again I want to know if it had an external filter
cruise control and gas gauge don't work
Mechanic has said a diagnostic check is necessary. Car will not start. All customary reasons have been checked.
Also when I crank it sounds like there is no fire just rotation with an occasional metal thrashing noise after about 2 or 3 seconds. Im not getting any spark either.
I have a 200 Chrysler town and country ,how do I change the plugs in back, I can change the front
I inserted the key in the ignition and it will not turn . The steering wheel doesn't seam to be locked and the gear is in the park position.
Was driving and the van died. Would not restart got pulled back to the house where I hooked up code tester. The code thrown was for my pcm. just before the problem was created, the starter did not want to work corre...
We have a 2001 t&c ltd 3.8L van. My van was running fine but he check engine light was on. It had 5 codes. PO455-evap sys large leak; P1491- radiator fan relay; pO 403- exhaust gas recirc control circuit open; PO401...
The voltage light was on a few days then we were driving radio died and after parking vehicle it wouldn't restart. got it started with a jump but van kept dying and back firing. tested alternator and battery both are ...
without removing the engine, and if so what kind of trouble am I looking at, as well as how long is the project