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About a year or less i had parked my minivan because of a bad starter. Now i have put a new starter and it dont even do nothing not even clickin or trying to start. And then i put it direct from the starter to the bat...
Ever time doors are locked How can I disable the alarm??
the locking system seems to be crazy, when I unlock with key, the locks re lock,,most of the time. even when alarm system says off, key won't turn now.
I had some work done recently on my van and my mechanic said that my rocker panels are rotted.Is it expensive to repair or replace? Thank you.
there is not a cut or hole in itin my rear bumper. Paint is peeling off and I can see the black bumper underneathI have a 1999 Chrysler Town and Country limited minivan
Three days ago I went to have my vehicle inspected, it failed because of a bad muffler, but the sticker I have now expired yesterday. Can I still have my vehicle repaired and re inspected? I live in MA.
The icon illuminated briefly, less than 5-seconds, and the alarm sounded. The oil was just above the add mark.
When I'm driving 55 to 60 mph I notice a front end shimmy.
I am not a mac. have worked on old cars but not the newer ones are the lifters easy to change
I know this was a Chrystler recall problem but that has expired my main question is ...do I have to remove injectors to get to the o ring ? if not I can probably fix myself
save money do i have to drop the motor alitttle and how
The smoke test was done and they said I need a new pump