save money do i have to drop the motor alitttle and how

iv'e change thermostat water pump because it was over heating. but still no heat.

The smoke test was done and they said I need a new pump

I accidentally left my front window down during a rainstorm and after that, the security alarm has a tendency to sound if I lock the doors using the remote, key or press down on the door lock. If I lift up on the door lock before pressing down, the alarm usually will not sound.

someone it might be the freeze plug. where is this located ?

where is the auxiliary relay box for high an low speed cooling fan relays ? cant find it under the hood.

i still have over heating problem's on this car. water pump is good.

While driving last night my speedometer was working, suddenly it went to 0 and then shortly after my car wouldn't shift.( i was in drive) this is a automatic 1999 3.8 liter engine. Is there some kind of fuse that would cause this?? Thanks Linda

if the heater moter is plugged ? would that make it over heat ? and where is it located ? or is it just a bad water pump.

after tighting bolts on water pump.theres still a leak, does that mean the pumps bad ?

which way does the thermastat fit in. car is still getting hot !

I just called AAA because my key would not turn in the ignition,the AAA guy said spray graphite in it.Is he right?

i was driving on the highway when my check engine light came on and my spedometer stopped working. i performed the test where you hold the trip n reset button and start the van and the gauge will move when in testing mode but not when i am driving.

where is the fuel injector on my 1999 chrysler town and country

I Want to know why is it that when I open the drivers side door, the interior lights don't come on but they do when I open the passengers side. I also want to know why is it that I have to turn the heat on full blast for it to come out of the front driver's and passanger's vent. When on low it only comes out of the rear vents.