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hey i have a 99 town & country sometime when driving the van when I stop at a stop sign or light van turns off when braking & brake pedal gets hard but it will start right back up what the problems?
Help!!!! I have a 99 town & country limited engine revs in park & neutral & when at stop light/sign RPM is at 1.5 what is the problem?
where is the water pump located on a 1999 town country van. van is leaking coolant but cant see exactly where.
cost of replacement for reverse clutch in transmission
what is the cost to rebuild a transmission for this model?
Bought a used chrysler t & C and on the way back the rpms after 2nd gear revvs to about 3000 but dioesnt shift over to next gear almost as if over drive is off, only there isnt a switch for that. what can it be, fluid...
starts then stalls when you give it gas
my buddie is having problems he sitting in van and all the lights are flashing headlights inside lights tail lights i mean everything what is the problem can anyone help me asap thank you and god bless
Drained battery because the fan will not stop running
the rpm jumps up and the van jerks sometimes it wont go past 30mph sometimes does not want move @ all
chrysler town and country (mgf 9-98).NO park or neutral and unable to start?Manual location outside transmission?Not showing in the car?Need location and service.All fuse Ok?
i have a 1999 town&country the alarm set stays on and i would like to know how to make it go away
Im told my 99chrysler town and country van does not have a nuetral safety switch...I have to wiggle the gear selector till its starts...then it will start pretty mucj all day aftet that....im told it might be the TRS ...
where is teh neutral safety switch located?.....I have to wiggle the gear selector until it starts then it will start the rest of the day......half teh people tell me its a transmission problem the other half say no i...
how to replace fan belt it comes off every 6 months.