I have a cluster problem how or where do I get a new or rebuilt one. Can I install myself if not where do I go. Sometimes car starts for a few second then quits the gages work and some times don't fuel gage goes up and down ringing

sometimes when start car will only run for a few seconds then shut down. speedometer, gas gauge, oil light work and then don't work this is a constant headache

The icon illuminated briefly, less than 5-seconds, and the alarm sounded. The oil was just above the add mark.

The AC was on. When I checked the coolant it was almost all gone. This car is a 1999 Chrysler Town and Country given to me a family member. I have no ideal if the leaking fluid is coolant.

I can start my van and it runs fine in park and neutral but when I put it in drive it dies...

I changed the radiator and now the heat isn't working anymore and every time I accelerate the fluid leaks out of the bottom

What could be causing this.

since its been so hot,van will start running bad n cut off,we found out to make it run again,is let air out of the valve on the gas line on top of the engine,does anyone know what causes this? and/or how to fix it?it happened 4 times yesterday,on the way home

Happens with moisture in the air. After sitting 3 hours, it will stay started fine.

When I'm driving 55 to 60 mph I notice a front end shimmy.

I am not a mac. have worked on old cars but not the newer ones are the lifters easy to change

please give me a godd price.

I know this was a Chrystler recall problem but that has expired my main question is ...do I have to remove injectors to get to the o ring ? if not I can probably fix myself

save money do i have to drop the motor alitttle and how

iv'e change thermostat water pump because it was over heating. but still no heat.