1999 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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Car sat idle in winter for a few months. The battery died. Changed the battery but immediately the security alarm (horn) keeps blasting and the starter won't engage.

when i start my van when its cold it pours 1/2 to 3/4 quart of fluid but doesnt do this the rest of the day or if warm

I parked it for almost a year with no battery and now it shows alarm and my my heater control blinks lights how do i program my key

About a year or less i had parked my minivan because of a bad starter. Now i have put a new starter and it dont even do nothing not even clickin or trying to start. And then i put it direct from the starter to the battery with the key position on and then i got it to turn over but it didnt start look like it was a gas problemso i got staring fluid and try again and it work . My question is that my van has a theft lock or something like that my van has a factory alarm system

V ?

I changed the trans filter and fluid trying to address a shudder between shifts, the shudder is gone but now when the van is warm it will downshift to 2nd gear & stay there, it will not upshift or downshift. When I pullover & turn the van off for a few seconds it will shift correctly but only momentarily inevitably getting stuck in 2nd again

Ever time doors are locked
How can I disable the alarm??

Checked fuel pump pressure is OK. Has fire.

This morning after warming up my van, I turned the corner and heard two ring tones and saw the oil can light flash on my dashboard... What does this mean?

How do you reprogram it and what do you need to reprogram it. It does it every time I put the key in.