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I've replaced the instrument cluster, repaired the bad soldering joints, checked for bad grounds ,and replaced the pcm all with out success . Someone told me that the ECM controls all those and I must have a bad ecm. ...
the fog lights still don't come on either.the bulbs are brand new also I even checked my fuses and they are good. can anybody help me out in this situation..
Do they have this very transmission in any other chrysler models?
just changed the radiator and the radiator fans wont turn on
I've changed the master switch, all fuses and relays and both motors. I AM getting power to the back at the motors they're just not functioning.
The van starts but doesnt go into reverse and does not go out of first gear. We have replaced both speed sensors and the solenoid pack. What else could it be?
when light came on next thing it killed the battery what do you think it could be sensors or what. thanks
After about a week of not driving the car, and probably not having the rear hatch fully closed, the battery died. I recharged the battery, but four of the pushbutton controls (rear window wiper, washer, plus, plus, on...
is it right front then left rear then left front then right rear
I have a 98 chrysler town and country all of a sudden while I was driving the front end starting grinding bad. The brakes have been replaced. I just want to know what else it could be.
ac lights blinkng after battery change
I have 1998 Chrysler T&C, the reverse lights don't work, bulbs/fuses checked okay. Please help
Hi Johnny, I went out last night, took out all of the bulbs as you stated and went through the process. There were sockets that I cleaned and I did check all of the assemblies..one by one! Right now the flashers wor...
Taking your advice I went out and double checked the fuses. Sure enough the fuse for the hazard lights was bad. I put in another but noticed a spark and the light came on for a split second then the fuse blew again. I...
We changed the battery out for a new one. That is when we noticed that the cruise control no longer worked. Also, we noticed that the turn signals and hazard lights do not work. I checked all of the fuses but they are...