1998 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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Alarm sounds intermittently when car is locked either way, manually or remote.

every time I turn the key the engine fuse blows. I just had a new fuel pump put in the day before and now this problem

Radiator fluid mixed with the transmission fluid due to both going through the radiator and radiator deterioration. How much would it cost to replace the radiator and rebuild transmission.

Thank you

this happens off and on if dash lites and gauges quit working then then it runs greay

Need information on installing a master cylendar

all the time till battery goes dead.could find no fuse

I need to replace the torque converter. Was told I need a part number from the old part, since there are more than one type. My question is where do you find the part number without taking apart the transmission.

Started my car and it turned and then died, this happened 3x and then no turnover. All the lights go on and so i know not a bad battery i put 30 bucks in gas last night. I was informed it may be the Neutrel Safety Switch. Does anyone know where i might find this switch on my 98 chrylser T&C.

where is the abs pump located on the 98 town & country

Was given the van with a loud noise that sounds like a lifter that would not pump up. Lifters,rocker arms,and rocker arm shafts, were changed. The noise was still there,we isolated the noise to #4 injector by unhooking the wires to the injector. We switched injectors from one bank to the other, but the noise is still on the #4 injector (on the same cylinder). The noise gets louder as the engine warms up. Is it the injector driver making just this one injector noisy? Is it possible that I have wires shorting out? Thanks

it slips off everytime it gets wet

ac blows only hot air, had it serviced,compressor works, but still no cold air

ac blows only hot air. Mechanic recharged it/ feon level is full, and compressor comes on, but still no cold air.Mechanic ran test and completed first stage, but it jumped straight to fifth stage. Can you give me some help in to what might be the problem?

After shipping the vehicle from overseas, the rear air conditioner blows strong foul odor, like something is decomposing inside. i have sprayed Lysol into the rear air conditioner intake, but that did not help. The front air conditioner has no problem. Operating the vehicle using only the front air conditioner in hot Louisiana summer is not fun. What can I do to fix this problem?