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What is the timing belt replacement interval for a 1997 Chrysler Town & Country minivan?
Left front brake is locking up, replaced caliber, and brake hose already. Still not relasing
Every time the van is shut off door lock and you restart the van you have to reajust the seat and mirrors. There is a set of numbers 1 2 on the door which we figure are for the settings but since we just purchased the...
Trying to replace belt tensioner. What all do you have to take off to get to it?
Alternator pulley was squeaking, driped some water on pulley, noise stoped. Belt came off, not fraid or broken. With belt off, pulley turns very easily on alternator. I have a diagram for the belt but not sure what ...
cluster panel signs that it is going out have floting gauges and a hard shift?
When should the timing chain be replaced on a 1997 chrysler town and country?
I can not seem to figure out how the tensioner pulley works on a 1997 Chrysler Town and Country 3.8 Liter
My oil warning light comes on when the van is stopped at stop lights. I have checked the oil and it has enough oil.
it just started this morning- stops when i press the gas pedal- rather loud- can't tell which side in the back- my car is all wheel drive if it matters- thank you
NO heat, I have replaced therostat,water pump,rad.,had comp. check on dash buttons for doors binding,checked houses at heater core they are very hot, at idle luke warm,driving nothing,have contols for driver and pass...
when stepping on the brakes they depress to the floor and the light is on and it sounds like a harmonica is playing in the car can anyone help please
in very cold weather below frezzing the trans jumps in and out of gear and gives the code p0700, p0701, p0702,
What is the engine's firing order
Gauge cluster on 97 Town&Country intermittently goes crazy, 1 gauge will quit, then start working, then all gauges quit. Other times I can drive it all day with no problems. Checked all electrical connections could ...