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where is the leak detection pump located an how to replace it
I have a Chry. 97 T/C My Chry. V6 3.8L T/C the van battery died about 5-6 months ago, I let the van sit until I replaced the battery 4 days ago. The van will start but then it will shut down after a few seconds, like ...
My 1997 Town & Country 'Service Engine Soon" light came on and I checked the car with my CarMD checker and it suggests that I replace the TCM and/or the BCM. The car does not run any different than before. Do you have...
the awd does not work the front wheels will spin in the snow butt nothing from the back ones is there something that goes bad a relay or fuse
all wheel drive quit working is there a fuse some where like a subura that can be taken out to tow it ? or is there another problem
I have a 97 Chrysler Town and country...... my serp belt falls off every time it rains and only when it rains, so i got under the hood and dumped a cup u water over the idler pulley and my belt flew off......i have re...
I have been having problems with the van shifting I think that the pcm has to be changed I put a new tranny in it about a year ago
my lights for coolent an back wippers is blinking off an on what can i do
my car keep stopping
I just had the egr valve replaced and now when I drive the car for awhile, park it and then try to restart it stalls and smells of gasoline.
the van will start but then it will shut down . it will also then show that there is no fuel the guage will read Empty , there will be no odometer reading also. the over head computer will also show a DTE reading of ...
Having a problem finding a good used rear drive shaft for a 97 awd town and country and a new one is around 800 dollars thought of taking drive shaft out and just going front wheel drive only not sure what problems th...
I replace the following: Radiator and cap,water pump, termostad, and checked fan..
air conditioning not cooling How to recharge
what is the easiest way remove the water pump