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sensor is bad. I've determined that the sensor is part of the pcm. Where is the pcm located in the car? I think it's next to the relay box in the front left of the engine compartment but I'm not sure. There are two ot...
checked BCM for codes= none, A/C has no charge,why do all switches flash when vehicle is started, wipers work, even disconnected battery to see if it would reset no luck. any advice? thanks
the van has 188,000 miles. transmission started slipping when i was driving on hwy. i pulled over, checked fluid but it was fine, not burnt in color and no leakage, juast a high pitch whistle sound. started driving ag...
My passenger window will roll down with both driverside&pass side window controls but wont roll back up on 97 Chry Town&Country,Also my pass side rear window wont open or close
i just got this van.what could i do to find out what is wrong.
The batt.is fine( new) starter fine Starts with the remote. Keys are fine have 3 different ones all have worked fine before.The van is lock happy, you don't dare get out without the key in your hand somtimes it locks ...
I want to replace the relays on my 1997 Town and Country and am not sure about the amperage of those relays in the distribution center.
drove the van about 23 miles when someone flaged me over and told me my back-up lights were on while driving.We have taken them out. Why and how do I repair them?
when I'am driving my minivans shot off and it happen all the time
My van has been shutting down on me as I drive, if I am going down the interstate,when it cuts off, I am able to restart it right away. However, sometimes It will let me seat for 20 minutes before it starts back up ag...
i need a diagram of driveshaft unit, need to no how to get back housing unit on
i accidently broke the bulb on the fog/running light and i was wondering can i get a replacement bulb or do i need to replace the whole unit?? jaybriski75@yahoo.com thank you
anyone have a step by step outline on how to replace the front oil seal on 97 town and country. Does the serpantine belt involve anything with the timing chain?
How do I change the oli and filter and how long to do this job?
code p0106 where can i find picture of location,know it's on right side but can't see it