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Car only goes into gear when the rpms are elevated
It has been in the shop for 5 days and they always say it's air in the line
I recently had a new trans installed in my 97 town & Country. Not sure if this is related but now when I'm accelerating the van pulls to the left and when I'm coasting the van tracks straight. The van was not pulling ...
Kinda hear it go into gear but won't grab. What should I check
I was not driving down the road, it blew out the steering wheel and the dashboard above the glove box, and it blew my vents in the back, and filled up with gunpowder smoke. I never cranked it but have been driving it,...
Lights on the Instrument panel flickers then will turn on after a mile driven. That goes on with A/C too
the steering wheel won't move
both vans are Chrysler town/counrty all wheel drive!
Can I change it to a two wheel drive?
the rear end started making noises and had a bumping vibrate the something broke and it just wobbled like
some times when i restart it it will then shift.
car came to me and it was running ruff with a bad idle leaking intake and a cam sometimes not been seen. i fixed the idle promblem the intake leakes and all hoses leaks i also changed the cam sensor but the car still ...
When I'm slowing down to a Stop sign for example. The past summer the transmission had gone into limp mode twice on the hottest of days. I don't remember the diagnostic codes, but I think it had to do with temperature...