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The engine still will not fire. What can I do now?
new engine sensors, fuel injectors, fuel pump,catalytic converter.when temp is under 60 degrees you have to push gas to floor. and you have to use gas pedal to keep it running until it gets to about 105 then runs pe...
yesterday and i cant seem to find the fuse for that unless its named under something else
On my emission test report says that I need the drive cycle?
i have replaced cluster w/used dash shows no mileage tach and speedo inop temp and fuel guage inop does have power to 2 sides of cluster also dash lights do work
sometimes seems like rpm guage will move a little when you cycle key
I replaced the master cyclender (twice and bench bled bolth). Replaced break booster. Removed A.B.S (in fear it was traping air) and put in tee fitings. Replaced all pads, disks, and drums. self adjusters work. Bled a...
Are there any dealers or auto centers that conduct a FREE inspection for this type of problem...?
It's at the repair shop and they can't find anything wrong with it. 390-679-1028 Bonita Vogel thanks
ihow to i loosen the tension for the brakes to get the drums off