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What is the average cost to replace the front main seal?
The housing part of the spring is laying down on my front tire. Did the strut break? Or did the string housing itself break. And how do I go about repairing it?
Why does my fan only blow on the high setting, front and rear?
where do you find the relay switch that gose to the horn?
a few days ago my transmission appeared to give out when trying to accelerate from a stop at a red light, i had it towed home and the next day it appeared to run. today i took it to get the transmission flushed and o...
after oil change enging shuts off while driving;ignition wires and spark plugs were change 6 months ago; 5W-30 (advance auto brand) was installed; oil drain plug was not replaced during the oil change
I have had this van for 9 years. It just started leaking under the dash on the passenger side when it rains. It leaks a lot in a hard rain. It doesn't run in always until you begin driving. Then it pours in. I can fil...
Rod Bearing not oil starved...enough oil...lots of dirt. Has not been changed for many moons according to the seller.
How much does it generally cost to repair a rod bearing job? The main bearings were not damaged. The crank has a scratch.
My car is running a little rough before and after I had Sparkplugs replaced. Do you have any suggestions. Thank You
i am wondering how much it would cost me to have the front end of my van to be repaired.