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My wife has been having a problem with her van. last night she was on the freeway driving home when the speeddometer begain to jump and the van seem like it was stuck in one gear. I did a reading on it with my pocket ...
hello, I lost the original set of keys the other day so I went to a lock smith to get a duplicate key made I tried starting the van and it doesn't want to start, the engine turns over but then stalls do I need to buy ...
where is the pcm located on a chrysler town and country 1996
issue just started, at drive through once and it shut of just like that. I turned it over and it started again and was fine. Has happened a couple times at stop sign or light. then starts right up. cleaned battery cab...
while driving, the transmission does not go into gear properly. this problem occurs all the time, what is the problem?
engine starts then stalls after 3 or 4 seconds
Where is the fuse to the driver side window want to check that before checking if its the switch
My speedometer will go back and forth between 10mph and 40mph while driving ,the rpm's slowly rise to 4 just before the transmission sticks in 2nd gear and will not accelerate.
Occurs at low to moderate acceleration and disappears above 40mph. Tire inflation is ok. Front stabilizer arms seem ok. CV joints?
[Mileage 185K] The wheels have been balanced by two different shops in the last week, to no avail. Had a stabilizer bar kit installed both sides(Firestone); shake is less, but still present. Transaxle was replaced a...
Replaced the fuel pump and filter 3 days ago, ran great for 2 days, yesterday couldn't go down the street before it stalled out and wouldn't start, had to push it.
my vehicle shakes when i accellerate from 40 mph to 50 mph but smooths out when i reach 70
I have leak of gas from the fuel injection over valv cover, wath do i have to replace
While driving on the interstate at about 144,000 a loud POP then about 20 miles later a zing sound at which point transmission stopped working. Nothing happens when putting it in drive. When put it in reverse, hear g...