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sometimes seems like rpm guage will move a little when you cycle key
I replaced the master cyclender (twice and bench bled bolth). Replaced break booster. Removed A.B.S (in fear it was traping air) and put in tee fitings. Replaced all pads, disks, and drums. self adjusters work. Bled a...
Are there any dealers or auto centers that conduct a FREE inspection for this type of problem...?
It's at the repair shop and they can't find anything wrong with it. 390-679-1028 Bonita Vogel thanks
How do I fix it so I can listen to the radio or just close the windows without having to turn the key all the way without starting the car????? I want the radio, windows to work in accessory mode. Right now I have to...
ihow to i loosen the tension for the brakes to get the drums off
fill gas tank gauge shows 7/8 full drive 3 miles gauge shows 3/4 drive 2 more miles gauge shows 1/2 drive a few miles shows 1/4 then gauge goes to empty and bell starts gauge goes back to 1/4 Then goes back to empt...
My steering column could not be locked into position after the car had been towed by flatbed for non-related repairs. The repairer told me that the "spring" had come loose, and for $75 the spring was reattached. It wa...
transmission slips when in overdrive, heard filter would cause this, changed filter still the same,
Will not pass emissions test because of these codes. Will cleaning the EGR ports fix the problem or at worst case replacing the EGR Valve fix it. Is this the only thing it could be?
o2 sensor bank 1
serpentine belt broke because power steering pump fell off
what could cause the dashboard lights and the tail lights to go out at the same time? This happens when you turn the switch for the head lights on. Everything comes on at first and then the dashboard and tail lights g...