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My car is overheating at normal speeds after about 20 minutes. White smoke comes out from the hood and into the vent in the car. I added antifreeze and was able to get home. Replaced both thermostats in September o...
Roof of car completely peeled off and getting white spots. Only has 83000 miles. Started peeling off while still under warranty and I reported to Chrysler rep. Was told only way to repaint was if car was rusting out! ...
Bought car brand new. Has 83000 miles. Have had multiple problems with this car.If I put the wiper control on low sometimes it will stay off until car turn off then back on.When turned on the wipers start again.
Engine light came on driving to work. It drove home fine after work. I went to leave to go have auto store do a code read, when i attempted to start the car, the engine continues to crank until I turn the key off
have had 2 separate repairs shops check with hand held devices, unable to read ECN. could this be I need another update? it was updated in 2008.
Shady mechanic estimated $500 and said he HAD to get the line from the dealer. I need to know if I'm being dooped. How much should it cost?
I have a 2007 Chrysler Sebring 2.7 Engine, and it seems to like I am having to replace the serpentine belt but would like to try and bypass the ac compressor since the ac pulley/clutch has broke.