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I have a 2005 Sebring 2.4 dohc . Won’t start . I changed the CKP and Cmp and plugs. I have about 120 k on car. I check Fuel line. I have pressure Timing belt looks good. Any ideas I’m lost at this point
I hooked up my verdict and it told me it was the Key. The car started and ran for about 2min.then quit. It would not turn over and it is not drawing a lot of juice from the battery.
I've cleaned out the trunk but the rattle is only getting worse. it sounds like metal on metal, or tools rattling around. I've had blown springs on previous cars but this sounds different.
The car will shift into neutral or reverse, but not Drive, 2 or 1. I took the cover off, and watched the thin metal cable on the driver's side seems to be the problem ( I followed it and it seems to run to the steeri...
when I turn on a/c work for 2 to 3 second and shot off.
this car is a one owner and has power locks and power seat on drivers side and the gentleman that owns it said its a one owner and belonged to his mother who passed away and he just can't bare to keep it, but he said ...
Ive changed the batteries in the remotes. The trunk wont unlock, the doors will not lock with the remote but will unlock. Sometimes no response at all. The air bag light comes on occasionally too.. Any connection with...
the engine light is on and car wont shift out of 1st gear.there are squares around all the gear indicaters
Just not sure where I should spend money on to make sure this practically new car stays in good condition I changed oil, ..wasn't sure what may need flushed/ checked after sitting..
how do i fix a clicking noise in the valve`s. the car makes a clicking noise when the car excelerates.
grandson hit curb hardsnaped right arm at the bolt to sub frame he had to cut out the bolt, this making hole in sub frame larger so bolt is not snug.what can we do ?