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where is the thermostat located in my chrysler sebring 2004 touring
When car is being parked by turning wheel to the right the engine stalls. It can be qickly restarted. Any suggestions?
Can't change from park to any other gear
I need the labor hours and cost to remove my engine 2.4 sohc automatic 4 cylinder
when i go to start car it keeps blowing 20 amp fuse under hood labeled "starter/fuel. It ran for 2 days then keeps blowing fuses
Car is overheating when the heat is turned off? Antifreeze that is currently in reserve tank isn't going to the radiator
they say its because I just replaced my Battery and the Computer needs to reset but could take up to 500 miles before it will reset
After starting engine i get a lot of blue smoke for a couple of minutes. It smells like oil. After it warms up it goes away completely. It doesn't run hot or use an excessive amount of oil, though I have to add a l...
I bought a 04 Chrysler Sebring about a week ago. Two days later I started having to pump the gas in the morning and when its cold to get it to start. Sometimes when I'm driving it, it starts bogging but other times it...
replaced starter and battery and relay cleaned all connections