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The engine won't start after a thorough engine wash. It worked for 5 minutes or so then stopped. What could be the problem? Please, give me an advice. Thank you.
Car needs fuel pump installed
Pedle after a couple seconds then it run only 40 miles per hour.
had head gasket done, he did not replace water pump now a month later I have to do that with another 600$ in labor because he didnt do it to begin with.
I need to know how many hours (average) it would take to remove my 4 cylinder/automatic engine. I would also like the average labor cost per hour. Can any one help me?
it started knocking , It died while driving it, was only going 15mph when it died. No fluid leaks, didn't get hot, and I didn't try starting it afterwards either. I called triple AAA they towed it . Took a compression...
so my 2004 chrysler sebring sedan 2.4 has had some problems all of wich i fixed. Then its started dying out while driving if i went to slow. I had a friend help jump it then my belt snapped attached to my alternator....