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Remote occasionally doesn't work, I changed batteries and still not working occasionally
The gas, spedometer, tach and temperaturę guages whent out
It has been giving me problems starting, but does fire up, but this morning it started and I stopped to get coffee and then it wouldn't start. its not the battery, no clicking. Just the word "deck" and then the number...
need labor est for work. have ordered part.
I changed out my Alternator A/C belt and found that there was no belt tensioner or provision for adjustment of any kind. My belt now squeals whneve I turn the A/C on. Any suggestions??
Dealer changed distributor 2 months ago. No oil leak until then.
I had the alternator changed and the battery changed and the battery light still comes on. It only comes in the morning when it is cold the night before. If I stop after that and restart the car it does not come on, o...
if the iginition lock, cylinder,and cables were replaced within two weeks should any repair to iginition coil had been seen
none of the gauges work. all quite at once. gas, speed etc. is there a fuse?