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The battery is fully charged car runs fine but you shut it off and the next morning it's dead I removed the interior light radio and power lock fuses but it is still going dead I can unhook the battery and it will be ...
He doesn't know what is causing this, but it needs 5 quarts of oil a month. what does it sound like the problem is, and how much will it cost me to fix it, since he has done all the repairs himself?
Stay started. Everything from distributor, crank censor, fuel pump, new seals and gaskets around manifold, timing belt..several other things as well, but it's fine after its running for awhile but extremely hard to s...
Seems to be lots of air in system more heat @high speeds Cooling systemr
Changed distributor, code still same, chgd crank sensor, same, battery dead, new battery turns over no fire.
Hello, I have a 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXi. We just replaced the starter and it was starting and running fine. This morning it started and then died. When I tried to start it again it turns over but will not start. Ga...
Full tune up done a month ago. Check engine light was on but not flashing prior to the tune up. Now the engine stumbles randomly at acceleration and the light flashes randomly also. It does run a little better now its...
once or twice a week when starting dash display and ac compressor dont work minutes or hours later on restart problem is gone
minutes or hours later on restart problem is gone. manual refers to fuse #4 but fuse is fine
my car starts and drives fine, its just that the transmission wont shift and also has that no bu5 in the odometer and ccd in the compass.