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How to replace ignition switch cly, seems like the tumblers are stuck or worn
my engine fan will start to run shortly after starting the engine, long before it has warmed up.
Sometimes when I turn the ignition on the speedometer will move from zero to fifty rapidly and the tack gauge will do the same and sometimes the top will not work. When I put the car in gear everything works. After I ...
When turning the steering wheel a rubbing squealing sound occurs. Only in one direction.
Car stalls when coasting to stop.
Our 99 convertible has water pool inside the on the floor after a rain. Even after the floor dries you can hear water move somewhere inside the car. Is there a drain plug that might be clogged?
Conv. top does not go down, fuses are ok
no code as of yet,just the trouble of no spark,and does this engen have timing belts.
my cd magazine was inserted with one disk holder not in and now it won't play or eject. Help
oil leak above oil filter, oil, just runs out when you crake it, it just started today, could something come lose or wore out,
I recently asked about replacing the resister block in my Sebring convertable. I was told that it is located under the glove box behind a panel. Here lies my next question...How do I get the freekin' panel off to get ...
The fan only works in the "hi" position. I was told it may be the "resister block". Where is the resister block located and is it a driveway fix?
how to replace spark plugs and wires
The pads, calipers and rotors are good. I have replaced the master cylinder and have bled the lines. While bleeding the lines the peddle gets tight but will still bleed slowly to the floor. When the engine is started ...
Does any one have a skematic of the transmission to tell where the sensors go? Would love it emailed to me. Thank you Lisa!