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We have a slow water leak. I've checked hoses and radiator cap and all seem fine. About once/month I need to add about a quart of antifreeze or water.
replaced disturtor cap it still shuts off ater you drive it and it warms up
a/c blows cold untill motor warms up then there is hot air mixed with a/c?
Alternator went out on Thursday. Got car back from shop on Monday. On Wednesday tried to start car and starter just make one quick sqeak and dead. Mech put fresh starter and main fuse in put now the starter just rolls...
looking to find price to replace freeze plugs the two on the front are leeking, but there might be problem with the one behind the flywheel. If you a rough estiment to replace them
water pump & thermost at are new, radiator lines are fine and circulating along with fan going on and radiator cleaned. Am I missing a sensor somewhere??? Doesn't appear to be a head gasket either. HELP Please!!! TH...
when start car her rattling noise
problem srarted after replacing plugs , plug wires,distributor cap & rotor , then crank sensor.runs ok for awile, then shuts down.
Bought code scanner and get code P0455. It just passed smog so assume its not gas cap. Have changed fuel filter, also plugs, fuel pump relay, battery. It has died at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. A few times it has ...
When I took my car for alignment, I was told it would be a waste of money ans I needed lower control arms. What is the function of lower control arms? What should I expect to pay for this service? I have 90,000 miles ...
can anyone tell me why my stero and dash lights go on and off randomly. not always at the same time sometimes the lights are out and the stereo works or the other way around?
My power steering pump has just begun making a very loud schreeching noise. It started once the weather got cold (+30). Dealer has checked pump, belts and tension and says it is not a problem; that Mitsubishi PS pumps...
my windshield has small "sparkly" dots in it that are very visible and annoying in the sunlight. Dealer says it has something to do with the sun protection in the glass. seems to be getting more and more.
When the car does start the rpm needle will shoot up and back down. Sometimes it will shut down, other times not. The code that came up is P0700 Transaxle control system fault. Will this cause the starting problem?
I have white smoke coming out the exhaust pipe when in idle and while driving.