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I have put a new radiator,a/c condensor,tranny cooler,fan and sharowed,relays and sending unit. The fan still will not turn on. Any advice or ideas?
the ac went out 2 weeks ago and, now the belt has broken, i just rebuilt the transmission and dont have the fund to replace the ac and belt.
My son hit a small dog taking out the radiator. all has been replaced and the fan will not turn on at all allowing the car to over heat. Sending unit is new. Any ideas. Thank You
once or twice a week when starting dash display and ac compressor dont work minutes or hours later on restart problem is gone
minutes or hours later on restart problem is gone. manual refers to fuse #4 but fuse is fine
just bought car and was told it was out of time and the other guy had the dist out of it timng belt good and tight but will not fire thanks bob
The slightest movement of the steering wheel causes a loud squeeking noise in the undercarriage. I stopped by Firestone to make an appointment and they told me that newer cars like mine (actually it's 14 years old) no...
Regardless of which lock switch I push (driver side or passenger side) the passenger side door lock actually work about 5% of the time. It makes a whirring noise but the lock stays open or closed depending on the orig...
I want to try replacing the oil pressure switch. Where is it? Thanks in advance.
my car starts and drives fine, its just that the transmission wont shift and also has that no bu5 in the odometer and ccd in the compass.
Wires were replaced and now the car dies when it turns over. HELP! I can't afford to miss work.
it has died several times just before we noticed the post problem.