Sometimes my car won't start. It will click but won't fire. have replace and secured battery.

engine has a miss has a p0303 code how do i know whitch is the 3rd cylinder

The car was running fine yesterday. It didn't act like there was anything wrong with it at all. I drove it, parked it for the night, went out today to try and leave, and it wouldn't start. It cranks over, but it won't start. It's not a battery problem, checked that. It has plenty of gas in it, and even added $5 from a can just in case. Everything appears normal under the hood and in the car, I just can't get it to start, and not sure why.

how do i know if the hose leaking is pressure or reg its leaking just behind passengers front tire

Why would I need to replace a value cover gasket and oil pan cover twice? They were not more than 2 years old.

i have changed the thermostat and ran it in driveway runs fine but when driven it over heats what can i do to fix this thanks

My transmission shifts rough from first to second gear.It shifts good when I first drive it but after a few miles of stop and go it stops pulling.Once it cools down it shifts good again.I only have this problem from first to second gear after it change to second gear it shifts perfect.

ignition, lock, key

Almost everytime I drive my car at some point while I'm slowing down or at a complete stop, my engine will stall, than I will start it right back up again. I had an auto specialist scan it, couldnt get a reading. My car is literally at a shop right now the guy just test drove it, it didnt happen so he doesnt know what the problem is. Any thoughts? Check engine light comes on than car stalls, unless I hit the gas to prevent it from stalling...

Recently started having a drive train noise when driving 45 MPH and above. (Transmission in 3rd and OD) Engine runs good. Transmission shifts good. Had wheel bearings checked. Mechanic dosn't know what the problem is.

I would like to know how to get your car repaired if it has a recall and your not the first owner and the recall date has pasted. Is there a dead line for recalls? Also how can one check if the car recevied the recalls. Thank you.

Car starts up fine, but when you put it in gear (Automatic) the car will engage for about 1 min, you can drive but then will disengage. Place the car in park and try again and the same thing happens. Right before this happened I had my battery go bad and received a jumped and replaced the battery soon after that.

how to replace water pump

Car stalls out in reverse? I dont know whats going on?

After reading my Haynes Repair Manual and locating the PDC (power distribution center), I have not been able to locate the Automatic Shutdown Relay. Nothing in the PDC is marked as such. The reason I am looking for this is to try to determine if the relay is faulty and causing my 1998 Sebring 2-dr 2.5L V6 to run fine once it is running, but won't start after I shut it off. I know it is possible that the Cam Position Sensor or Crankshaft Position Sensor may be faulty, but I just had them relplaced less than a Year ago. The car cranks fine, just won't turn over, as if starved for fuel.