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Brake light will not turn off and draining battery
I just want to find out where the Automatic Shutdown Relay is located on my car.
I need to know how to change power steering pump on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring JX 2.5 v6
i need to know how to replace my radiator by myself
When I go around a corner, I hear water sloshing around. This is a convertible I think it is coming from drivers side rearwell??? Is there a drain someplace in the fender clogged up or something? Thanks
Hull Ma. semptember 4:00 p.m. beautiful day going about 25 mph. maybe ball joint control arm??? mmmmmmm not to mention tire rim and some body work.
every time i getr in the csr it hesitates like its not getting gas relaced the csdilac converter and it is still doing the same thing what else could it be ?
The oil light go's on and off. Checked the oil level and it's good. Drove on hwy light stayed out. On start uo in morning light was NOT on, but then when driving came on. Thank you for your time.
will the car stop going if motor mounts are bad, also recommended filter vlaves are needed, as my car wont go anywhere,,and the muffler is smoking white out of it once in a while, please tell me what do to or waht i...
I am trying to get a 1998 Sebring through inspection and it failed for the brake pedal travel to the floor. The brake pressure was good and the brakes seem to work normal. I replaced the fluid and cleaned out the rese...
how do you replace the seals in the transmission auto zone told me what one i needed and I have it I am not sure how to replace it is there a guide on how to do do this somewhere
How can we fix the front passenger seat to not be stuck in the forward position when the handle is broke?
I don't know much about cars but I do know that I need a new cam sensor. Can someone tell me where to look for it. My buddy who is a mechanic couldn't find it either. thank you very much
I am having a problem with my car not starting when the weather is rainy. It sometimes comes up with "nobu5" on the odometer. Starts great any other time, just not in the rain. Can you help?